The Mobile Revolution

Here we go again. This field changes so quickly. Looking at traffic data from my clients, roughly HALF of website visitors are now using mobile or tablet devices with small screens.

This is game-changing for several reasons:

  1. Most websites weren’t designed to be readable or useable on small screens. Yours is probably in this group. That’s right…the total rebuild you did just a few years ago, to accomodate BIGGER screens, now needs to be torn down and done again. See my article, “Does Your Site Look Good on Small Screens?” for an introduction to what’s now needed.
  2. Google is now putting mobile-friendly websites higher up in the search results for users with phones and tablets. That’s right…if your site is not mobile-friendly, then Google is going to degrade your rankings!

Bottom Line: If you do business on the internet, and your site is hard to use on small screens, I hate to say this, but you’re losing half your internet business. Call me and let’s fix that.