“How can I get more people to find my Website?”

“How can I get more people to find my website?” I get this question often. There is only one way to immediately start getting people to find you: Advertising.

Google and Bing (the two big search engines) both offer advertising programs. I can set these up for you and have your ads appear when someone does a search for a given thing, for example “sewer cameras.”

How much does it cost? You pay Google (or Bing) everytime your ad shows up in Google’s search results and someone clicks on it.

There are many more details to discuss on this topic, and it’s all more complex than this if you get into some of the details.

I’ve set up and now manage these “Pay-Per-Click” ads for several clients. It’s a quick way to see results. Cost per click depends on the topic, and can get as high as $6 or more. Some less competitive keywords only cost a few dimes though.

My setup time for Google and Bing (including a phone interview with you) is about 3 hours for an average size account. And I’ll need to look in on your ads once a week for about half and hour, especially at first, to trim back wasted spending and increase efficiency.

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