How to Pick a Website Maintenance Service

Anyone who’s looking for someone to update or improve their website has a lot of choices. Hundreds of choices, in fact. How to choose? Here are three things to watch out for:

1. Are they pushing package deals? From their perspective, they’d like to get you to commit to paying them a certain monthly amount. But does this work for you? Are you sure you’ll have enough maintenance to do each month to justify this expense?

At, we don’t push packages. Only one client of ours is in fact on a package. All the rest of our happy clients simply pay as they go.

2. Do they speak your language? We’ve all by now had the experience of trying to explain a technical problem to someone who’s job it is to help us, but who doesn’t speak our language very well. It’s hard to understand them, and it feels like they are not really understanding what we’re saying, either. Don’t do this with your website maintenance!

At, we speak English. If that’s your preferred language, you’ll be relieved to be able to explain things and ask questions and really be understood.

3. Are they too cheap to believe? If $29.99 a month sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

At, we charge a flat hourly rate. You get exactly what you pay for. No small print, no runarounds, just excellent service.

Call 530-478-1226 today and get started.