It’s Not Your Fault – Why the Internet is the Wild West.

If you’re confused about how to use your computer, you are not alone. I get calls all the time from really smart people who simply can’t use their computers. Guess what, it’s not your fault. The blame goes to the following:

  1.  Bad and inconsistent interface design. Most of what you’re looking at on your computer screen was designed by a programmer, not a trained interface designer. It’s the Wild West. And there are no standards, so every designer does things a bit differently. Confused? It’s no wonder.
  2. There is inadequate training and documentation. Most people have never had a lesson in the fundamentals of using their computers. They have created their own conceptual models of how things work, and those models are often wrong. Most people do not even understand the filing system of their operating system.
  3. Things change all the time. Constant upgrades, constant redesigns…if you do actually figure something out, just wait six months, and it will all work differently!

So, relax. It’s not your fault. You can hire me to figure stuff out, and you can get back to running your business. Call today: (530) 446-6907.